1. Are INQUEST-CIS Private Investigators required to be licensed? Yes, All Private investigators in the State of South Carolina are required to be licensed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

  2. How can INQUEST-CIS help you?

  • We can locate current addresses.

  • We can locate historical addresses.

  • We Can locate dates of birth.

  • We can identify known aliases.

  • We can locate birth records.

  • We can locate death records.

  • We can locate marriage records.

  • We can locate divorce filings.

  • We can locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding.

  • We can research current and / or historical property holdings.

  • We can locate bankruptcy filings.

  • We can expose improper relationships.

  • We can locate state and local criminal arrest records.

  • We can locate home phone numbers.

  • We can locate cell phone numbers.

  • We can identify home owners or cell phone numbers.

  • We can determine owners of corporation.

  • We can find and retrieve judgment and lien filings.

  • We can research familial history.


   3. Does INQUEST-CIS offer GPS Tracking to our clients? The answer is based on your specific case

  • Who are we tracking? Who is placing the monitor on the vehicle?

  • What is the relationship of the person wanting the tracking, and the person being tracked?

  • When do you want the GPS Tracker installed?

  • How is the tracker going to be installed? How will the tracker be monitored?

  • Where is the tracker being placed or mounted on the vehicle?

  • Why are we tracking? What is the purpose of the investigation?

  • NO INQUEST CIS INVESTIGATOR will install any GPS Tracking device that will be interpreted by the law as being illegal.


  4How do I tell if my spouse is cheating?

        A Few Signs of Infidelity

  • Secret Phone or computer use

  • Altered Schedules

  • Changes in behavior

  • Changes in appearance

  • Unexplained absences or disappearances

  • Significant changes in sexual behavior more/less

  • Unexplained hostility

  • Altered schedule

  • Unexplained Expenses

​   5.  What Types of investigative tools do INQUEST CIS investigators have access to?


At INQUEST-CIS We have various types of surveillance equipment and surveillance-friendly vehicles. Depending on the case, we have covert recording devices and GPS tracking equipment. Some cases will not require any specific technology. However, if your case needs specific equipment to get the job done right, we make sure that our investigators have access to all of the tools he or she needs.

  6. Are there any types of cases that INQUEST-CIS will not accept?


Yes, any case that will require our investigators to act in an unethical, immoral, or illegal manner.  All of our investigations at INQUEST-CIS provide our clients with fair, objective, and honest conclusions to our findings, not speculations based on subjective views from our clients or any other entity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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