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When children are involved, situations are normally more intense. Many times a couple agrees to terminate their marriage, or separate. Child Custody becomes a issue the question is asked, who assumes care and control of the children?  In many cases, the custody of the children is mutually agreed upon by both parents or is specified in the separation agreement.


Custody arrangements can get become difficult for many reasons.


  • A parent may want full or partial custody

  • A parent may insist on increased visitation time

  • A parent may consider the other unfit to parent

  • If one parent considers the other parent unfit to raise their child

  • If this is the case, they will need to present evidence to the court.

The INQUEST-CIS Private Investigator can assist in Your Child Custody Case

Our private investigator can be hired to help gather accurate information and evidence.  Our Private investigators are experienced in obtaining objective evidence and testimony for court.  We understand how to present it in a professional manner. 

Once that goals of the investigation are specified by the client.  Our INQUEST- CIS Private investigator will use a variety of different methods to investigate the Child Custody Case.

  • Surveillance, including undercover and mobile, which allows the private investigator to obtain confidential, date and time stamped video and photograph evidence. Most surveillance footage is collected when the subject(s) are out and about. For example, public grounds, such as a park, sport facilities, malls, grocery store, or perhaps even simply from the street. This is the strongest form of evidence within a court of law, and our expert team is skilled and highly experienced in obtaining video and photographic proof that tells a story on its own! 

  • We will employ Background investigations into a individual’s history.  We may be asked to search current or past information pertaining to a individuals current or prior relationships, family status, employment verification, or criminal history. We may be able to use asset search investigations to uncover hidden sources of income that the parent may be attempting to conceal to limit their financial obligations to their child. 

  • We can interview witnesses for character references of the other parent


Our Private Investigator may be able to located evidence such as: 

  •          Drug or alcohol use or abuse

  •          Reckless driving

  •          Criminal activity

  •          Verbal abuse, or neglect

  •          An unsafe or unsanitary living conditions.

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