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Private investigations can focus on Infidelity, Missing Persons and a variety of other family matters. There are times when it becomes necessary for INQUEST-CIS to assist in exploring the whereabouts, activities and interactions of individuals that our clients may trust. In this type of case, INQUEST-CIS Investigators will utilize the most up to date surveillance equipment and techniques to document these events.


[ General Surveillance / Matrimonial / Domestic Investigations / Missing Persons ]


A business has right to be concerned about what is happening inside the company. There needs to be a concern about the way employees act. A business should also be concerned about certain actions that your competitors take. Both of these things could impact a businesses ability to deliver.
Corporate investigations can be adapted to any type of business including commercial, industrial, legal and public sector companies. INQUEST-CIS has access to experience from a range of diverse backgrounds. The INQUEST-CIS team will confidently and discreetly investigate any case.

[ Hidden Camera Surveillance / Landlord & Tenant / Employment Activity / Background Checks ]




Private investigations regarding fraud, insurance and false claims, surveillance, and specialist due diligence services, are a select few of our most frequently requested commercial investigation services.

[ Insurance Fraud Investigation / Due Dilligence ]